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Michael Garibaldi and Jeffrey Sinclair have a heart-to-heart chat

Walks up and grabs a weapon from one of the other officers

  • Jeffrey Sinclair: So, who set the parameters for what it meant to be a pure Ikarran?
  • Stephen Franklin: A coalition of religious fanatics and military extremists that ran the government. They programmed the weapons with a level of standards based on ideology, not science.
  • Sinclair: Like the Nazi ideal of the perfect Aryan during World War Two.
  • Franklin: Exactly. In the next invasion, eleven of the machines were released, and they stopped the invaders by killing anything that didn't match their profile of the pure, perfect Ikarran. When they were finished, the machines turned on their creators. They began a process of extermination based on the slightest deviation of what they were programmed to consider normal. They killed and kept killing until the last Ikarran was dead.
  • Stephen Franklin: So, to prevent them from being confused by any misleading instructions from the enemy, they hardwired the machine half of the weapons not to respond to anyone who wasn't pure Ikarran. Just one problem, Commander. How do you define a pure Ikarran? Or a pure human? No one is pure. No one.

"assimilate" - can’t help thinking of the Borg

Commanding officers who hate doing interviews. Reminds me of Captain Archer.

Special effects lightning

Dude Hendricks is totally using his authority as Franklin’s former professor to get his way, manipulate him. Also, appealing to Franklin’s desire for fame, which is always something to be aware of in ourselves, something interesting to include in stories.

Dude is so lying about the artifacts going through quarantine

Is it weird that I start to headcanon certain minor characters as same-sex couples very soon after they’re introduced? Because I confess I do.